15 things to do at the beach this summer

As the pandemic eases and we start to get back to normalcy we can’t help but think of the summer. Summer 2022 will be the first in two long years we can finally begin to relax and not have the pandemic on our minds. We’ve got 15 activities for you to do at the beach this summer ranging from free to fairly expensive. 

  1. Picnic

Here’s a cheap idea for you. A picnic! It’s a brilliant idea to do with your loved ones. I mean who doesn’t love food added to the beach, it’s a win-win for all. Pick your favorite snacks and enjoy them along with the flowing waves in the background.

  1. Frisbee

An ageless activity here. All you need is the frisbee itself and you can have hours of fun. Frisbee is something not only the kids can enjoy but for us adults too. If you’re on a pet friendly beach you can even get your dog involved!

  1. Volleyball

Now this one you’ll need a few people for. Volleyball is great for the sports lovers among us. While it’s an activity that takes skill, if you’re all amateurs it can be equally as fun! 

  1. Hire a beach hut

Hiring a beach hut is a very underrated idea and people should utilise this more! From as little as £20 these summer must-haves can be yours. They provide storage for your items when you go to the sea. As well as becoming a nice shady place to hangout while enjoying the beach. A nice evening in one of these is something everyone should experience once. You can check it beach huts to hire here.

  1. Fish and chips

Possibly the most British thing on the list, fish and chips, you can’t beat it! Fish and chips are the pinnacle of British culture and getting them from the seaside is unmatched. Going to the beach and not getting these has to be a crime!

  1. Seaside shopping

The shops at the seaside can be very unique and always worth a look! If you’re into souvenirs you’re guaranteed to find them seaside shopping. If souvenirs aren’t your thing there are always a few small local restaurants which can be like finding a diamond in the rough.

  1. Rock pools

Rock pools are great for people who love to explore. Seeing the creatures that live in the crevices of the rockpools is so fascinating. You’ll never find the same wildlife twice and that’s what makes this activity so exciting.

  1. Sandcastles/ sand art

Now we know sandcastles are a classic for anyone going to the beach. We have an alternative to doing the same old sandcastles. It comes in the form of sand art! The increasing popularity in sand art over the years is something that has gone under people’s noses. There are huge Instagram accounts dedicated to sand art and it’s astounding what people can do.  So challenge yourself and do some sand art next time you hit the beach.

  1. Fishing

If you love fishing then this is an obvious one for you all. Fishing in the sun is a no-brainer for the regulars. For the hobbyists that want to give it a go I’d recommend trying the seaside. If you don’t like it, at least you’re at the beach!

  1. Pier

If your local beach has a pier you have to go! Piers provide entertainment for all. Arcades are a common sight at a pier along with donut and milkshake stands. There’s plenty to enjoy when at a pier.

  1. Jet ski

Now this one definitely stands out from the rest. Jet Skies are quite expensive but if you want an experience you can only get at the beach then you need to take advantage of these.

  1. Wakeboard 

Just as exciting as the jet skies, wakeboarding is a great way to spend your time at the beach. It’s another sport which takes a lot of skill but you can have equally as fun learning.

  1. Parasailing 

Another unique experience! Parasailing is simply brilliant. You’re strapped to a parachute either alone or with someone else. The boat pulls you along and you glide through the sky with a beautiful view. Try it this summer and you will not be disappointed.

  1. Surfing

While surfing in English waters doesn’t sound like the most appealing thing in the world, it’s still quite a big thing over here too. Surfing lessons can be a fun thing to do with friends. Once apt enough you can take your surfing skills to any beach you like! 

  1. Windsurfing

Now something we have a lot of in the UK, wind! Windsurfing is an extension of standard surfing. You simply have to angle your sail to be propelled by the wind. It’s great fun and all you have to do is stand on a board. Balance is key!

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