7 Safety tips for travelling in 2022

A safety guide for travelling.

Travelling can be a stressful time for everyone. This can be made worse by the abundance of dangers you can come across especially if you haven’t done much research into the country you’re visiting. Of course these tips don’t just start from when you land at your destination. Being prepared from when you leave your door is essential.

1. Copy important documents

Now this is something you can do before you leave your door. Making sure you have your important documents such as passports and tickets when travelling is a hassle already but losing these can really change your trip for the worse. It’s always smart to have copies, you may never use them but it’s reassuring to know you’ll be ok if worse comes to worst. Simply scan them online and you’ll have a permanent copy for your use. We recommend printing them out to make it easier for you.

 2.Use a VPN

We all know public wi-fi is always a risk these days. Public Wi-Fi is not secure, you’re vulnerable to attacks, hackers can access your personal data such as your social media passwords and your card details. Any valuable information in your phone or laptops can be easily stolen by these hackers. Now the solution is just as easy. Download a VPN (virtual private network) this will help encrypt your data from device to public Wi-Fi so it cannot be stolen. VPNs can be downloaded from your phone’s app store or directly from the web on laptop’s. You can get paid and free VPNs. The main difference is usually the speeds and different countries where you can locate yourself on the VPN. A free VPN is absolutely enough for someone using public Wi-Fi at hotels or coffee shops.

3.Hidden Cameras

Privacy in 2022 can be hard to come by but in our own hotel rooms we’d expect some right? Well in recent years it’s unfortunately been very common to find hidden cameras in accommodations very notably in Airbnb’s. While obviously very against their terms of service these things slip through the cracks. Now how do you find these? Well they’re hidden cameras for a reason, while they can be hard to find there are some tells. Check common items such as books, lamps, plugs, fire alarms and plants. Any tiny holes you find in these can be cameras. While you might not get an answer to whether they’re hidden cameras or not, use your gut instinct, get some tape and place over the suspected holes.

If you travel a lot you can actually buy a hidden camera detector. Commonly known as bug sweeping devices, you can buy these from amazon, they can detect hidden lenses and infrared  which is very helpful. You can buy these for  £70-£200. It’s well worth it for a frequent traveller to guarantee our privacy when away.

4.Lock up valuables for extra safety.

Once you’ve established there are no hidden cameras in your room, locking up your valuables is just as important. Some hotels provide you with a safe which is a great place to store your valuables but unless bolted down this seems like a very easy thing for a thief to take. So hide your things! Even if your hotel seems very safe there are always measures to make it safer. Now there’s the obvious things such as making sure windows are closed and possibly locked.

There’s a great device called a door jammer, it’s portable and very easy to use, they’re available on amazon for around £25 and a great way to put your mind at ease while travelling. If spending money isn’t an option for you, use what you’ve got! Luckily everyone is provided with a do not disturb sign, these are an effective way of giving the impression you’re in your room.

5. Don’t use your back pockets!

This is a very simple step, stop using your back pockets. When travelling you’ll probably find yourself in very crowded areas and what do you find in very crowded areas? Pickpockets. These pickpockets do this daily, stealing phones, wallets, ID’s and even watches right off your wrists! So you won’t feel a thing. So make sure you’re using your front pockets and to only take what you need out with you. You can also buy protective clothing and slash proof bags which can help protect your valuables when in crowded areas. They’re a must-have for people travelling to known scamming locations.

6. Know the local number for emergency services

While you may never need it, knowing the number for the emergency services could be crucial in helping you or someone else. It’s an easy google search away for anyone and we’ve provided a link to them here.

You should also know where your country’s nearest embassy is located. You can easily find the location of the British embassy in the country you’re visiting here. The embassy can help replace lost passports or government documents while in a different country.

7. Blend in with the locals 

In every tourist location you will find scammers. Tourists tend to carry more cash and valuables than locals and the scammers know this. While it might be impossible to look like the locals, you can help yourself by blending in with them. Standing out from the crowd makes you an easy target for scammers waiting to pounce. Choose inconspicuous clothing, this will help you blend in with the crowd, anything too flashy can bring you the wrong attention.

While some of these might not be relevant to your travelling experience, just adding one of these to your travel schedule can save you from a possible nightmare. There’s no downside to feeling safer. The aforementioned privacy problem these days is real knowing data and most importantly being safe from possible scammers is important. Once you’ve added these healthy habits into your travels you can begin to enjoy yourself and your holidays! 

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