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At Dreams Unlimited Serviced Accommodation, we specialize in offering budget-friendly serviced accommodation for contractors, travelers, and tourists. In this blog, we’ll explore the world of serviced accommodation and how Dreams Unlimited caters to your unique needs.


Section 1: Understanding Serviced Accommodation


What’s a Serviced Apartment?

A serviced apartment, like those offered by Dreams Unlimited, is a fully furnished accommodation unit available for short-term or long-term stays. It provides essential services such as housekeeping and maintenance and often includes additional features like a kitchen and living space, making it a popular choice among travelers, business professionals, and those needing temporary housing.

What are 3 types of serviced accommodation?

      1. Serviced Apartments: Fully furnished apartments with all the amenities of home.

      1. Corporate Housing: Designed for business travelers, located near business districts.

      1. Extended Stay Hotels: Hotels with larger rooms or suites with kitchenettes or full kitchens, catering to longer stays.

    Dreams Unlimited’s properties fall mainly under the category of serviced apartments and Corporate Housing, tailored to the needs of contractors, travelers, and tourists.



    Section 2: Comparing Serviced and Non-Serviced Accommodation


    What is non-serviced accommodation?

    Non-serviced accommodation lacks the amenities and services of serviced accommodations, such as regular apartments or rental properties where occupants handle housekeeping and maintenance. Dreams Unlimited offers the convenience of serviced accommodation without exorbitant costs.



    Section 3: Financial and Regulatory Aspects


    What is rent to serviced accommodation?

    Renting with Dreams Unlimited means enjoying a budget-friendly lease that includes all the essential conveniences you need. It’s our mission to make extended stays cost-effective for our primary audience of contractors, travelers, and tourists.

    Is serviced accommodation VATable? Dreams Unlimited’s VAT Registration

    Yes, serviced accommodation is subject to VAT, and Dreams Unlimited Serviced Accommodation is fully VAT registered. We understand the importance of transparent financial dealings, especially for our contractor guests and business clients. That’s why we offer VAT invoices on demand, ensuring compliance with all relevant financial regulations. Feel free to request a VAT invoice during your stay, and our team will be happy to assist you.

    Serviced accommodation rules UK:

    Dreams Unlimited adheres to all UK regulations surrounding serviced accommodation. We focus on safety, licensing, and local housing laws, ensuring a lawful and comfortable stay for all our guests.



    Section 4: Other Key Considerations

    How does Dreams Unlimited Serviced Accommodation work?

    We furnish and manage the accommodation, offering it for rent to guests seeking short or extended stays. Our guests enjoy the comfort of a home-like environment with added services and amenities, specifically targeting our core audience of contractors, travelers, and tourists.

    Is serviced accommodation profitable?

    The profitability of serviced accommodation depends on factors like location, demand, pricing, and management. Dreams Unlimited’s success lies in offering value without compromising on essential comforts.




    Dreams Unlimited Serviced Accommodation invites you to explore our wide range of budget-friendly properties catering to contractors, travelers, and tourists alike. With our clear commitment to affordability, convenience, and quality, our serviced apartments offer a practical alternative to traditional hotels. Discover the Dreams Unlimited difference on your next stay. Visit us at and find the perfect accommodation that fits your budget and requirements.


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