Contractors’ Guide to Serviced Apartments near Heathrow

Heathrow offers a host of accommodation options for everyone. From hotels to serviced apartments, one can find everything that suits their standards and budget. Contractors working around this area always had a tough time looking for accommodation which was convenient as well as cost effective. Serviced apartments came to the rescue, making life a whole lot easier for these hardworking people.

Gone are the days when contractors working around Heathrow used to settle in cramped hotel rooms. Today, they have the option of setting up base in serviced apartments which have become their go-to solution as they are lodged at temporary work sites. These apartments have in recent times emerged as the most ideal accommodation for contractors owing to their vast advantages.

The Popularity of Serviced Apartments Among Contractors

Serviced apartments have gained popularity among contractors for all the right reasons.  They offer a unique blend of convenience and affordability that traditional hotels in the vicinity lack.

Here are some key reasons why contractors choose serviced apartments near Heathrow:

Home Away from Home

Serviced apartments come fully furnished, with separate living and bedroom areas, and a fully equipped kitchen. This gives more of a home like feeling which lacks in hotel rooms.

Proximity to Work Sites

When contractors are working at sites near Heathrow, they prefer minimizing their commute time and maximize their productivity. Serviced apartments are strategically located across the city which reduces the time people spend on the road reaching their destinations. Staying close to work sites ensures that their work force has more time to focus on their project as they can reach their respective work locations faster.

Cost-Effective Stays

Contractors often have extended stay due to project delays. In such circumstances hotel rooms can be an expensive affair. Serviced apartments offer competitive rates for extended stays which makes it a budget friendly choice for them. This saves them a lot of money during their stay.

Flexible Stay Duration

Serviced apartments do not have a rigid check-in and check-out system that hotels follow. Contractors can enjoy a flexible stay schedule that aligns with their project’s timeline.

Tips for Making the Most Out of Serviced Apartment Stays

1.Planning Ahead

Contractors need to plan their stay well in advance by determining the duration of the project they are working on. Booking early ensures that there are choices available at the best possible rates.

2.Considering the Team

If contractors are travelling with a team, they need to communicate their accommodation needs to the provider clearly. This can help them in getting apartments that can accommodate multiple individuals comfortably.

3.Exploring Transportation Options

Contractors need to consider transportation options to and from their work site in case it is not located at a walking distance. Checking the proximity of public transportation options like buses or trains helps in finding the best apartment that is suitable in terms of distance.

4.Packing Smart

Serviced apartments have laundry facilities which cuts off the need for over packing. Contractors can carry lighter luggage owing to this added advantage.


With multiple options of serviced apartments to choose from, contractors can find a place that suits their needs and budget. Whether they want a stylish studio steps away from the Heathrow airport or a spacious two bedroom close to their work site, there are plenty of options available. With discounts for longer stays and a host of amenities, there is no better accommodation than these apartments for contractors on the go.


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