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Most of us have dreams and we do try and follow it… but somewhere along the way, we get overtaken by the pressures of life and before we know, we have lost touch with what really matters to us. During the lockdown, the world came to a standstill. Everyone was affected. People were locked in houses trying to protect themselves and their dear ones, isolated physically and mentally.

Our values at Dreams Unlimited are Create-Connect-Inspire. During lockdown We opened our homes to the homeless people. We had assets that were lying unused. We looked at how we could serve with what we had. And this was just a natural fit for the situation we were in. We worked with local councils and created a project to shelter and empower the homeless in our area. The next 4 months turned out to be one of the most moving experiences for us as we got an insight into the life, thoughts and feelings of the human beings behind the tag “homeless”.

Diane (real name withheld)  was very quiet, reserved and fragile when we saw her first. One thing really struck me when I visited her a few days after checking in. Her room was shining! Even more than how we had handed over to her! After a few minutes of chit chat, I left the property but Diane’s strong presence even in her silence stayed with me.

I kept visiting her more often and very soon had a comfort level with Diane to speak about her life. A history of consistent abuse had left her very closed and nebulous… and then I saw her eyes light up as she shared… it was quite startling for me… “I love cleaning! It is my lifeline… I have OCD!”, said Diane with a lot of pride. “Oh wow!” I said. “Would you like to take up the cleaning and housekeeping for this house then? It would give you something to do and who knows, it could become your new career!” I said this jokingly and then caught what just got created in my listening! I went a bit further and said, “Diane, if you had none of these issues to worry about, and you could just do ANYTHING, what would you be doing?” Without a second of thought, she said, “I would be cleaning all day long!” I said, if you really could do that, what would you build with that?” I saw her transform into a 13 year old in that conversation… “Oh! I could start a cleaning company, employ a few cleaners who I would train. And then we could go to people’s homes and get them to shine!” I should have a taken a picture of her face as she said this.  

Diane took up cleaning and housekeeping of the house she lived in. The money she earned gave her confidence and a spring back in her step. She then went on to take up cleaning in my own home and my friends’ homes… after anyone uses her once, they refuse to have any other cleaner enter their home!

4 months on, Diane is a different person now. She is paying her own rent and moved from temporary accommodation to permanent HMO accommodation. She now wants to empower other homeless girls and wishes to do community cleaning service at school churches etc. Her dream of owning a cleaning company is slowly turning out.

Being of service fulfils the integrity of the human spirit. We opened up our serviced homes to the homeless as an act of service, not wanting anything from it, albeit a bit scared at the idea of venturing into unknown territory. In hindsight, I can see that we only grew from this experience. And got present to the abundance that is all around us. Every human being is a bundle of possibilities. All they need is for someone to listen for what is possible for them, and often for that someone to stand for the possibility even when they will not do this for themselves.

I did this for Diane by accident. And now that I am present to the power of this conversation, I have begun to listen differently to anyone I meet. I invite you to try this on and see how your experience of yourself transforms. 

Who could YOU gift a new life of possibilities to?

Dreams Unlimited Serviced Accommodation

Dreams Unlimited operate serviced apartments for short stays in the London Heathrow area and work with serviced accommodation providers and hotels all over UK to source safe and secure COVID ready accommodation for contractors and professionals. We provide a range of solutions for booking both individual and group accommodation.

We pride ourselves in consistently exceeding our clients expectations through attention to detail and excellence of service. We guarantee you’ll never pay more by booking through us. 

Give us a chance to serve you and experience the future!


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