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Handy apps for travelling

Travelling has changed through the years, we now have access to information from around the world in our pockets. However you need to find the right places to find reliable information. So we’ve got 10 handy travel apps to help you in your travels. They’re in no particular order and every app as helpful as the next! 

XE Currency

This app can help no matter where you are in the world. XE Currency is a free currency converter app. It gives you live comparisons of any currency you like which is updated every 60 seconds! This means you can find the best exchange prices wherever you are. The very handy app can also send money to other countries. You can also pick which currency you want to send. 

Google Translate

Now we all know about Google Translate. This one is pg slot if you’re staying in a not so tourist friendly location. Google Translate can help translate typed text through the app to any language. It can also be used through the microphone for conversational use between yourself and locals. The newest feature is also very useful, it translates text through the camera whether that be road signs or information boards, they can be fully translated through the camera!


If you’re ever struggling with where to go first, check out Tripadvisor! Here you can check out reviews of the places you’re considering going to. Not only that but they also show you local attractions nearby on the map to you. They also provide you with important information like opening hours and prices for the businesses around you.


If you hate planning trips this is the app for you! LuckyTrip for every type of holiday goer whether you’re a foodie, adventurer or just like to relax you can select from many categories that matches your holiday need. You begin by setting your budget which is always important when planning a holiday. Once you’ve set your budget you can continue to filter the holiday by setting the outward flight location, number of people on the trip, accommodation type and dates. If you’re a real gambler you can click the broad filters and get lucky. The app will then give you a location, accommodation, activities and the price of your holiday in seconds. If you’re unhappy with it you simply click the lucky button and try again until you find the perfect holiday for you!


Hopper is great for timing your trip perfectly, it tells you the cheapest time to book your trip whether that be flights or accommodation. It’s a really handy app to plan your travels. They also provide great discounts for you and rewards for booking through the app. Not only that but they have great features such as “Freeze” which enables you to freeze the price for you to save up for that particular flight or accommodation.


A slightly unexpected one here, Packpoint, it’s an app that helps you pack for your holiday. Now how does an app help you pack for your holiday?  You simply add your holiday destination, the time of year you’re going and the length of your stay. You can also add some of the activities you’ll be doing which will help the app pack for you. Once you’ve completed that section it will all be analysed and then provide you with all the items you’ll need for your holiday and even the quantity you’ll need.

Holiday Extras

This is an essential app for the planners amongst us. It’s an app with all those holiday extras in one place! They have all those little extras many forget such as airport parking, fast track, airport transfers and airport lounges. The important stuff doesn’t go amiss on this app with travel insurance and hotels also included. It really is a handy app whether you’re a travelling novice or a frequent traveller it’s great to have those extras all in one place. It’s one of the most unique apps in this list.


Flightradar24 is a unique app that tracks all flights from all airports. You’re able to keep an eye on cancellations, delays, diversions and gate changes. This valuable information keeps you one step ahead of the crowds and makes sure you’re always aware of what’s going on.


Worries about tourist traps? Try Withlocals. This helpful app connects you with trusted locals to help you find the best things to do and the finest places to eat. Read reviews, watch destination guide videos and chat with local hosts to ensure your trip is the best it can be.


I’m sure we all know of Uber, however not too many know that Uber is available in over 700 cities around the world. Which makes it the most used of all similar apps. If you’re lucky enough to be in one of those cities it’s a real quick and easy way to get around, especially since taxi fees abroad can be very expensive.

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