Home Away from Home: Exploring Heathrow’s Furnished Apartments for Contractors

Finding a decent place to live during long stints away from home can really be a headache. Most of us are used to living out of faceless hotels or cramped corporate housing units. But what if we told you there was a better way? Let us introduce you to furnished apartments near Heathrow Airport. These incredible home-away-from-home options are revolutionizing extended stays for travelling contractors.

There are several reasons why furnished apartments beat hotels and short term rentals hands down. Here, we give a detailed explanation on what makes a furnished apartment so contractor-friendly, walk you through how to find the best ones near Heathrow, and even review a couple of options available in Heathrow.

Why a Furnished Apartment Beats a Hotel?

Furnished apartments have many advantages that make it an ideal accommodation option for contractors as compared to others:

Way more space – Hotels cram you into tiny rooms, even if you upgrade to a suite. A 1 or 2 bedroom apartment gives you room to spread out.

Amenities galore – Furnished apartments have full kitchens, in-unit laundry, parking, Wi-Fi, cable TV which gives all the comforts of a home.

Privacy – You can save yourself from noisy neighbours keeping you up through paper thin walls. It’s just you and your crew.

Homey touches – The hosts usually decorate them beautifully with nice furniture, cool art, and plush bedding which give the guests a warm and cosy feeling.

Affordable – Nightly rates are comparable or cheaper than airport hotels with way more space and amenities.

Lesser reservation hassles – Need to book last minute? No problem. Hotels sell out but apartments can be more flexible.

Discounts for long stays – Hotels charge more for longer trips. Apartments offer discounts for weekly and monthly rates which is perfect for contractors working on long projects.

Self-catering – Fully equipped kitchens mean you can cook for yourself and save money on eating out.

Ideal for groups – Contractors can get a 2 or 3 bedroom units to room with co-workers and make travel more collaborative.

Finding the Right Furnished Apartment

With so many benefits, furnished apartments are absolutely the way to go for contractor accommodation near Heathrow. But how do you find a good one? Here are some top tips:

Location – Look as close to Heathrow as possible, preferably within 5-10 minutes of the terminals. Nearby train stations are a bonus too.

Reputation – Read lots of reviews to gauge quality, cleanliness and service. Try to avoid any with consistent complaints.

Building amenities – On-site parking, gyms, shared outdoor space and concierge services are ideal.

In-unit amenities – Must-haves are Wi-Fi, TV, well-equipped kitchen, in-unit washer/dryer and desk space to work.

Flexible check-in/out – The best apartments accommodate late arrivals and schedule airport shuttles 24/7 which are super helpful for hectic travel schedules.

Secure – Only consider gated properties with good lighting, security cameras and professional management.  

Price – Look for fair rates that don’t fluctuate wildly. Hidden fees are a red flag. Airport hotels can be £100+ per night, so make sure apartments are competitively priced.

Spend time reading reviews and browsing photos to find the furnished apartment that fits your needs best. It takes a bit more effort than reserving a hotel online in 2 seconds, but is SO worth it!

Best Furnished Apartments near Heathrow

To give you a sense of what to look for, we have reviewed a couple of furnished apartments next to Heathrow that tick all the right boxes:

Prestige Apartments – Their Staycity London Heathrow apartments are super modern with nice furniture, flat TVs and kitchens. They have an on-site car parking, 24-hour front desk service and easy online booking. Studio apartments start around £ 73/night which saves so much over a hotel.

Dreamsunlimited – There are 1 bed executive apartments and 4 bed house listed with Dreamsunlimited. With room for up to 4 people, it’s great for contractors planning to stay with their co-workers. At just £90 per night, it is pretty affordable as compared to airport hotels.

Give Furnished Apartments a Try

If you are a contractor who hasn’t considered a furnished apartment before, we really think you are missing out. Ditch the overpriced hotels and give an apartment a try for your next Heathrow project. Once you experience having a fully functional home away from home, you will never book a hotel again. The added comfort, amenities and space make all the difference in the world for productivity and happiness on long work stints near Heathrow.


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