The Ultimate Guide to Accommodation for Contractors near Heathrow Airport: Tips and Tricks for a Comfortable Stay

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If you’re a contractor who’s just landed a new project near Heathrow Airport, finding a decent place to stay can be a major hassle. You want a place which is clean, comfortable and close by, at the same time don’t want to blow your expenses on some fancy hotel. Well, don’t sweat it! We have put together this handy guide to help you find the perfect accommodation near Heathrow without breaking the bank.

First up, location is key. Heathrow is massive, with terminals spread out over a wide area. You need to find a spot that’s close to the terminal which will help you avoid long commutes or expensive cab rides to the airport every morning. The areas around Terminals 2, 3 and 5 tend to have the widest range of accommodation options for contractors.

Now, let’s talk budget. Hotels near Heathrow don’t come cheap, with even budget options easily running £100 a night or more. For a long project, that adds up fast. Instead, consider an extended stay apartment. These are fully furnished, with amenities like a kitchen and laundry, so you can cook for yourself and live comfortably for weeks or months. Sites like Airbnb offer apartments starting around £50-60 per night near the airport, which is way more affordable.

You might also check out local B&Bs, inns or guest houses. They tend to be homier than big hotel chains, and some offer weekly or monthly rates that can save you a bundle. Many accommodations near Hatton Cross get solid reviews from contractors and have rooms from £450 per week. Not bad! They provide breakfast daily and a few can even arrange airport transfers if you need.

Now, about amenities. When you’re on a long job, having access to stuff like a gym, reliable Wi-Fi, parking and transportation really improves your quality of life. When booking your stay, look for places that offer stuff like:

Free, fast internet – Crucial for contractors who need to send files, use VPNs, etc. Make sure to ask about Wi-Fi speed!

Parking – If you’ve got a rental car, secure parking is a must. Some hotels and apartments offer free or discounted rates.

Airport transfers – This can save you time and money vs. taking cabs everywhere. Many accommodations include shuttle services. 

Onsite laundry – For long stays, you would prefer to wash your own clothes. Laundry units in the building are super convenient.

Access to transit – The Hatton Cross tube stop is close to the airport terminals and can get you around London fast. Stay near the Piccadilly line for easy transit access.

Fitness centre – A hotel gym or fitness room lets you stay active and combat jet lag on long projects abroad.

Free breakfast – Who doesn’t love a free hotel breakfast buffet which can load you up on fuel for your day.

Kitchen/kitchenette – You can prep simple meals and snacks in your room to save on eating out. Look for in-room kitchenettes.

Entertainment/amenities – Little perks like on-demand movies, a pool or indoor garden can make your stay more enjoyable during off hours.

We also recommend checking contractor forums and groups on Facebook for recent accommodation recommendations in the Heathrow area. Your peers are a great source of insider tips. And don’t be shy about negotiating rates if you’re staying awhile. Monthly or corporate discounts are common if you ask.

Hope this gives you some ideas for finding contractor-friendly lodging for your next Heathrow project. The area around the airport has tons of options to choose from. And remember – book early, especially if you’re travelling during peak season as rooms tend to fill up fast. Hope this guide makes your stay productive and comfortable. Safe travels!


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