Why Service Accommodations are better than Hotels during COVID-19

In the face of Covid-19, the hospitality market across the majority of Europe remained effectively closed throughout the duration of lockdown. As economies are emerging from their respective lockdowns, serviced apartments, hotels, and hostels have begun re-opening, albeit in many cases this is happening in a more phased manner compared to other parts of the market. Serviced apartments have not been immune to the unprecedented impact on demand, reporting remarkably similar declines in revenue per available room (RevPAR) to the wider hotel market. However, there are some indications that the sector has been weathering the storm marginally better.

Here are how Serviced Accommodation score over traditional Hotel Rooms, more so in the present circumstances of Covid-19 sensitivity.


More space and freedom

Entering a hotel room, you have come to expect a nice comfy bed and bathroom ready for you to freshen up and get a good night’s sleep. While this is great, you get spoilt for space in a serviced apartments as one of their unique features is the additional space.

Apartments are generally designed to be your home away from home. A lot of the time, a one-bedroom apartment is available for the same rate or even less than the cost of a hotel room. That means that as well as more space, you have separate rooms to sleep, eat and live. You have everything you need without venturing outside your apartment, or at most, your building.  Independent, spacious and private spaces ensure that social distancing norms are easily followed.

The clue is in ‘apartment’, in a serviced apartment, you benefit from much more space to live than a traditional hotel room. Serviced apartments differ by brand and location, but with most you can expect a generous living area, including your own kitchen – elements you do not traditionally find in hotel rooms.


Few hotel rooms have more than a kettle when it comes to kitchen facilities. So you are more likely to dine out or visit an on-site restaurant. If you are staying for a week, a month, or six months, then eating out every night is neither cost effective nor great for the waistline. Staying in a serviced apartment, you have your very own kitchen. Pots, pans, utensils, cutlery, and crockery all come included meaning you are well equipped to make your favourite meals from the comfort of your apartment.



The fact that serviced apartments can also ensure greater social distancing, helped largely by the self-catering facilities, reduced social spaces as well as minimal contact with staff, has also meant that more serviced apartments have been able to remain open for their longer staying guests during lockdown.


We have already discussed the kitchen facilities available in serviced apartments but there are plenty more amenities which help to elevate a stay in a serviced apartment. Many apartments have a dishwasher meaning you do not have to wash up after yourself while having a washing machine/tumble drier in your apartment takes away the admin burden of managing your washings, which is great for long stays. A lot of serviced apartments also have the facilities to call for a Laundry service, so you have a choice on how to manage your washings.

Fast Fibre Wi-fi, Smart TVs with access to Netflix and all other modern apps is very normal for serviced apartments now. Regular home sized fridge-freezers mean you can stock them up with your favourites and not be constrained by the mini-bar fridges in hotel rooms that has no space to stock your own stuff in there.

Many serviced apartments also offer a full concierge service who are eager to go out of their way to help fulfil any request you have for additional service like organising a tour or travel tickets for your onward travel.

Privacy (no regular on-site staff, especially in Covid 19)

Regardless of which type of serviced apartment you opt for, you will always benefit from more privacy than a hotel. Most serviced apartments have no on-site staff, so they are perfect if you would rather have complete privacy. However, no on-site staff does not mean you miss out on having a cleaning service (hence the term “serviced” apartment). Your apartment will be cleaned, and towels/linen replaced at least once a week, but the frequency can be increased if required.

Some serviced apartments also help citizen keep their families safe by offering them a safe, comfy space to quarantine away from home for the government mandated self-isolation periods.

Hotels have high turnover of guests and onsite staff. This makes effective sanitization and social distancing practically difficult. Serviced apartments, on the other hand, operate with no on-site staff (or minimum on-sire staff), most of the check-in/checkouts are using contactless technology and housekeeping provide thorough sanitization before and after a guest’s stay.


Self-check In Facility

A lot of serviced accommodation, including Dreams Unlimited, have contactless self-check-in facilities for their guests providing self-sufficiency and reducing the risk of contamination by unknown agents. This is in contrast to standard Hotels, where you some in plenty of contact with surfaces and people from when you enter, to encounters at the front desk, passing other hotel guests, or Hotel the on-site check-in staff.

Cost Efficiency

Staying in a serviced apartment is more likely to save you money. Serviced apartments are generally priced dynamically dependent on the length of stay. Nightly rates for stays in hotels are generally the same for one day or one month. While nightly rates for stays in a serviced apartment are usually about the same price as an equivalent standard hotel room, what is different here is that the rates decrease significantly as stay duration increases.


Serviced Apartments are here to stay and offer a superior alternative to staying in hotels. Not only do they provide a versatile, safe, and private experience but they are also affordable and convenient.


With the Work-From-Home situation spawning trends like “Staycation”, where people opt to stay away from their homes and work from their vacation places, serviced apartments are coming into the mainstream. Since you can work and vacation simultaneously, there is no need to take time off work, thus allowing you the flexibility to vacation for extended periods of time. This was previously impossible to do while working.

Serviced apartments are thus an ideal setting for contract workers, mobile workforce or in-transit personnel who are looking to stay close to their site and  are empowered to manage their work day and rest in a healthy and sustainable way.

Dreams Unlimited Serviced Accommodation

Dreams Unlimited operate serviced apartments for short stays in the London Heathrow area and work with serviced accommodation providers and hotels all over UK to source safe and secure COVID ready accommodation for contractors and professionals. We provide a range of solutions for booking both individual and group accommodation.

We pride ourselves in consistently exceeding our clients expectations through attention to detail and excellence of service. We guarantee you’ll never pay more by booking through us. 

Give us a chance to serve you and experience the future!


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